Posted By Admin @ 12 Sep 2012
KPS Update
Hello again :)

Kat is working in a new film called "Dregs", we don't know much about it, only that she's going to play a character called Zoe.

♥ She was on Bedlam recently, she played Cass. I added some episode stills at the gallery

♥ I added some headshots by Daniel Regan. Also, Kat collaborated with Katie Piper Foundation.

♥ She and Megan did a photoshoot with Tom Brown, a London based photographer. You can see his work in his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK PAGE

♥ If you didn't know it, Kathryn has a photography site, click HERE to see her pictures, she's really good at it.

Posted By Admin @ 19 Feb 2012
Triptych clips
Ana Marie Ramos has posted a video (the password is kate) of a series of clips of Kat. Here the explanation:

We’re not done filming yet, but this is a little something I whipped up in the interim, mainly for our reels (mine and Kat’s). It’s not shot all handheld, Dogma verite-style, as this trailer might suggest. The clips I selected just happen to be handheld ones, as I felt they fit best for this type of teaser. The scenes chosen for this teaser are actually not part of the film proper, but take place within its timeline (don’t mean to be cryptic and vague, but it’s hard to explain without spoiling the plot). Hence, the teaser tag.

Cusp Kate Teaser from oui oui dance on Vimeo.

Posted By Admin @ 10 Jan 2012
Kathryn in Casualty
Kathryn was in Casualty a couple of days ago. She played Ruby :)

Check out her scenes and the captures.

Posted By Admin @ 18 Dec 2011
Yakety Yak All Mouth
Kathryn has made some clips adverts with her voice for Yakety Yak All Mouth.

You can listen them HERE.

She sounds so cool :)
Posted By Admin @ 30 Nov 2011
La Soiree Press Night
Kathryn attended to the 'La Soiree' Press Night at The Roundhouse on November 28.

Check out the pictures :)

Posted By Admin @ 14 Nov 2011
New photoshoot by Tara Li-An
Here you go, new pictures of Kat taken by the photographer Tara Li-An (Check out her flickr, she has great pictures over there)

Kathryn looks gorgeous. Check them out

Posted By Admin @ 13 Nov 2011
Comedy Central Presents: An Evening With Friends
Kathryn attended last wednesday to the Comedy Central Presents: An Evening With Friends in Soho, London. I was trying to find the pictures in a better quality, but I couldn't :'(

So I've added some bad quality pictures, I guess it's better than nothing...

EDIT: Thanks to Skins Twins we have the pictures without the tag :)

Check them out:

Posted By Roxy @ 26 Oct 2011
Counting Backwards
Welcome back!! I wanted to re-open the site so here we go! Since Kat is busy doing auditions (hopefully), I will tell you something about her new project called "Counting Backwards."

Here a picture of Kathryn with Michelle (the film is based in her life). Click for bigger size.

At the age of 14 Michelle was raped at knifepoint. However, she was determined to not be seen as a “victim”, instead she has grabbed life by the scruff of the neck and said “come on, i’ve got things to do”.

“Counting Backwards” is a short film based on Michelle’s story. It is heartbreaking, beautiful and ultimately triumphant.

It describes how a young girl, her family and best friend struggle to deal with an awful and tragic event and follows the inevitable echoes that continue to ripple through the next generation.

This is a film about bravery, love and friendship between friends and family.

Geoff Thompson has created a powerful, shocking and deeply moving script which is being directed by Sean de Sparango, mutli award winning director including a Cannes Lion for his Anti-gun crime campaign.
Lucy Speed (Natalie Price in Eastenders, The Bill) plays Michelle in later life.

Kathryn Prescott (Emily Fitch in Skins) she plays the part of Kelly (Michelle’s daughter) in the film.

Here you go if you hasn't see the other behind the scenes picture.


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